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Adele's IAST was the first event I came across three years ago when I was looking for weekly challenges to boost my Zentangle skills. Having been an avid blogger in the pre-social media days, I was no stranger to challenges, be they related to food or photography. I had blogs for both, though the latter was short-lived. It's a year since I started this blog and I don't always succeed in posting regularly here. It just so happened that I did this tile for IAST 300 and I had the time to put it up in the blog. I often wonder why I cannot let blogging go despite the poor readership but then I just do it because it feels like too much trouble to think of reasons why you do something when you enjoy it.
I am really glad I found IAST and really appreciate Adele taking the time to comment on each tile in her round-up. This is the tile I've done for the 300th instalment of IAST. Another one of those tiles with which I've surprised myself by being bold, being dirty - literall…

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