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A Floral Arrangement for IAST 284

This is my entry for IAST 284. This tile made me feel I was doing tangelations rather than the tangles themselves. Sometimes the simplest of designs seem complicated when I think too much about the "right" way to do them. It's the same when I seem to understand a particularly complex mystery novel being explained at the end - "don't go back, don't analyse it, read it and move on" is what I keep telling myself, knowing fully well that any further thought will make it less clearer to me. I suppose these thoughts are coming from the utterly gripping novel that I finished reading today. I'm not sure if I understood a part of the ending - do you know of any website that demystifies mystery novels' endings?

This was one event where I felt the tile was one of my improvements. Three years into Zentangle and I still have a long way to go!

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